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Welcome Week is fast-approaching and a new class of college students is prepping for the first year of university life. Whether students are dorming or commuting, starting off college is a major transition. Incoming freshmen are using their remaining pre-undergrad days to pack up their lives, say some see you-laters and soak up all the college advice they can get. That’s where you come in.

We’re asking the Mashable community to share their college pro tips with those about to begin their journey into the world of quads, residence halls, lecture seminars, unlimited meal plans and football fight songs. Using the hashtag #classof2017tips, tweet, Instagram and Vine advice you wish you knew going into college. Write your tips on school or work supplies (a legal pad, Post-it note, dry-erase board, paper pinned to a corkboard, message on a chalkboard, even a screenshot of your smartphone’s notes app — and make sure to write “#classof2017tips“), take a photo or video and share it with the hashtag.

We’ll be featuring a collection of your #classof2017tips in the RebelMouse below. We’re looking forward to see what advice you share!

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For my final project in my Fundamentals of News Design course at American University, I had to redesign an existing publication or website. WVAU has been stuck in mid-redesign, with a great new logo and social media designs done by Art Director Morgan Wheaton, but the website’s redesign was unfortunately halted due for administrative reasons with the AU Student Activities Department (which should hopefully be back in motion soon).

I decided to take WVAU’s new logo and design to a new medium — print. We had always hoped to make a zine for promotional and recruitment purposes, so I designed this with those uses in mind.

One of the major parts of my Writing for Convergent Media class in the spring 2012 semester was a class project on first-time voters in the 2012 election. The entire class participated in the project, Voting Young.

These are the two stories I worked on:

Social media’s role shifts in 2012 elections
How first-time voters and candidates are following, reblogging, retweeting and liking their way to the polls.
A Storify on social media’s role and how first-time voters are using political social media. 

Student activist energizes a new generation of voters
American University student Noah Gray hits the road with the Virgin Voting Project.
A video with Noah Gray about his big plans for The Virgin Voting Project and how he plans to mobilize young people to vote in the upcoming election.

The last of the “Year in Review” and “Best of 2011” lists have just about finished rolling out. Now it’s time to look ahead and see what 2012 will have to offer.

4. Tim Cook’s Apple reign
Now that it’s been a few months since the passing of Apple’s iconic co-founder, former chairman and CEO, Steve Jobs, current CEO Tim Cook has the opportunity to push through the company’s major loss and make his mark on the company. iFans and speculators are curious to see how Cook lead’s the innovation of company’s newest technologies and how he stacks up to Jobs.

5. Baby Jay-Z and Beyonce
Ever since Beyonce appeared at at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards in August flaunting her burgeoning baby bump, entertainment news, fans and almost the rest of the internet have been abuzz with baby speculation. The name and the sex of the baby, as well as what clothes mommy and daddy, who have been married since 2008, will eventually dress the prince or princess of R&B and hip-hip in are among the popular topics talked and tweeted about. In late December Twitter, followed by the blogosphere,exploded with rumors that Beyonce had given birth, but the rumors went unconfirmed and were later deemed false.

11. Rising star: Azealia Banks
2011 was the year of Nicki Minaj, the outrageous R&B, rap and hip-hop popstar known for her various vocal stylings and vibrant costuming. Up-and-comer Azealia Banks, a 20-year-old from Harlem, is now drowning in Minaj comparisons from all the indie authorities like Pitchfork and NME. While it may be unfair to say Banks is the new Minaj, as the latter surely still has much steam left in her career, the hype surrounding Banks mimics the buzz that surrounded Minaj when she was breaking onto the music scene just before her monster hit “Super Bass” dominated the radio waves in 2011. Besides, banks music has a whole different vibe than Minaj’s: Banks manages to blend rap, electro, house and hip-hop, all while letting her sassy, but relaxed edge shine.

12. The world is going to end. Again. 
Last year Harold Camping, a believer of “Rapture,” unsuccessfully predicted the world’s demise to occur in May and October of 2011. This year, the Mayans in 2000 B.C. predicted the end of the world to be December 21, 2012, when their calendar ends. While it could possibly unfold like the 2009 movie “2012” and John Cusack will in fact save the world, based on the track record of previous world’s end predictions, it’s safe to say we’ll make it to next Christmas. Probably.

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