American University

For my final project in my Fundamentals of News Design course at American University, I had to redesign an existing publication or website. WVAU has been stuck in mid-redesign, with a great new logo and social media designs done by Art Director Morgan Wheaton, but the website’s redesign was unfortunately halted due for administrative reasons with the AU Student Activities Department (which should hopefully be back in motion soon).

I decided to take WVAU’s new logo and design to a new medium — print. We had always hoped to make a zine for promotional and recruitment purposes, so I designed this with those uses in mind.


One of the major parts of my Writing for Convergent Media class in the spring 2012 semester was a class project on first-time voters in the 2012 election. The entire class participated in the project, Voting Young.

These are the two stories I worked on:

Social media’s role shifts in 2012 elections
How first-time voters and candidates are following, reblogging, retweeting and liking their way to the polls.
A Storify on social media’s role and how first-time voters are using political social media. 

Student activist energizes a new generation of voters
American University student Noah Gray hits the road with the Virgin Voting Project.
A video with Noah Gray about his big plans for The Virgin Voting Project and how he plans to mobilize young people to vote in the upcoming election.

D.C. music lovers support local record stores on their favorite vinyl holiday

I made a website about the fifth annual Record Store Day in Washington, D.C.,  for a project in my Writing for Convergent Media class at American University’s School of Communication in the spring 2012 semester.

The project features a main story, about section, photo gallery, clickable map and Storify.

Click here to read the story on the website.