I Once Was a Bralette Hater

Published April 25, 2017 on New York magazine’s the Cut. 

Breasts come in plenty of shapes and sizes, but there are certain challenges that come with being larger than a 34B. Don’t condemn yourself to ugly, schlumpy bras — the Cut is devoting this week to finding sexy, supportive styles for big boobs.

Coachella kicks off what anyone who gets too many promotional shopping emails knows as “festival fashion” season. For a certain subset, that means flower crowns, layered chokers, and cutoff jorts — all taken to the extreme, though not everyone buys into hyperboho clichés. Somewhere in the middle lies the bralette trend. They’re desert-heat friendly without being plain. Plus they allow you to layer while being as subtle or as revealing as you want to be. But for large-chested women, these lacy bits are something we look at longingly while muttering “must be nice.” A life free of underwire and an endless supply of chicdelicate, and ultimately flimsy bralettes is probably not in the cards — especially since most only accommodate a C cup at best.

Continued: Read the rest of the post on thecut.com. 


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