Inside New York Magazine’s Instagram Strategy

Learn about the New York magazine social team’s Instagram strategy, published April 7, 2016.

From the story:

My favorite thing about Fashion Feelings was, not only did our audience respond to it well, but the subjects themselves also commented on the Audiograms and re-shared Joana’s illustrations,” says Marissa Cetin, social-media editor for the Cut. “The project was a great mix of personality and creativity that suited Instagram and gave our growing audience something different in a month when runway and showroom shots dominate.”

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#TheCutFashionFeelings: #Girls actress and artist #JemimaKirke talked to us about what her mother taught her about fashion and style. "I was so unaware of my sexuality then — more so than most of the girls in my school — because I developed quite late. I would wear vintage lingerie — silky dresses, silky slips. I’m sure it didn’t look provocative on me, but it was still an eighth-grader in a slip … My mom was a great mother, but in my house, everything was just appropriate. If you’re wearing a low-cut shirt to a dinner, it doesn’t matter." Tap the video to hear Kirke on growing into her style and love of vintage, and read the full interview on #TheCut: 🎨: @joanaavillez

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