The Beginner’s Guide to TweetDeck

Published Nov. 7, 2013 on Mashable

TweetDeck‘s development path might look more like a roller coaster than the typical incline, but it’s for good reason. After Twitter bought the app in 2011, TweetDeck pulled support for various social networks — most recently Facebook — and dropped its mobile apps in order to focus on its core purpose in desktop form: Twitter.

Social media managers and casual tweeters alike can benefit from TweetDeck’s organizational tools, such as customizable columns, multiple account toggling and scheduling. With a modern, clean design and automatically refreshing feeds, TweetDeck’s utility comes in its simplicity and ease in setting up.

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Here’s how to get started on TweetDeck. Soon your personal and professional Twitter troubles will be long gone.

Setting Up

Instead of connecting via, you’ll need to download the app and create a separate TweetDeck account. You’ll be able to connect Twitter accounts from there.

Then, decide if the Chrome web app or the Windows or Mac desktop apps suit your style.

TweetDeck Add Account

Connect as many Twitter accounts as you’d like through Settings, located in the left sidebar. However, make sure you’re aware of which account you set as your default to avoid accidentally brunch tweeting from your company’s official account.

If you hate scrolling up your feed for the latest tweets, TweetDeck can do that for you. For an automatically updating feed, make sure to check the “Stream tweets in real time” setting under the General section.

Also in Settings, you can make TweetDeck even more easy on the eyes with appearance options: light and dark color schemes; larger or smaller font sizes; and wider or thinner columns.

Learn more about TweetDeck on Mashable


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