7 Music Discovery Tools to Find New Tunes

Published Sept. 25, 2013 on Mashable

It’s easy to get stuck in a music rut. That go-to iTunes playlist or Pandora station will probably do the trick, but with so much great music out there, why settle for the same old favorites?

The infinite catalog of music, new and old, is a both a blessing and a curse. While music fans unfortunately have to accept that they will never be able to listen to every band, album or song, retreating to the comfort of your personal music library is no way to find your next favorite artist.

Spotify‘s latest curation features, Browse and Discover, are a push in the right direction, and Rdio integrates music discovery into its top-notch app with subtle recommendations from listeners in your network placed all over the player.

These streaming services’ social features aren’t the only ways to discover new music, but they tap into what’s key about successful music suggestions today: social curation.

If you are on the lookout for new tunes, try these seven websites and apps that are perfect for social music discovery.

How do you find new music? Share your method in the comments.

1. Mixcloud


Instead of finding individual songs and artists, on Mixcloud you’ll find mixes and radio shows by DJs — both amateur and professional — that weave in and out of genres and styles. In the end, it brings you music you might never have heard otherwise.

Search for mixes by tag (genre or artist name will usually do the trick, but tags can get fairly creative) or follow users to find out when they upload, favorite or listen to a new mix. Recommended users include FACT Magazine Mix ArchiveDiplo and Friends on BBC1 and The Quietus.

After you press play on the mix, all the work on your end is done. If you enjoyed the mix, poke around the page to find the tracklisting, genre tags, sidebars with recommended people to follow, other mixes listeners enjoyed, and a similar mix that is already queued up for your listening pleasure.

Learn more about This Is My Jam, Last.fm and other music discovery websites and apps on Mashable


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