Is This the First Vine Album?

Published July 15, 2013 on Mashable

Via eight Vine videos, Scottish musician Aidan John Moffat released a new album, The Eternalist. Moffat realizes this may not be an album in the “strictest sense,” but a perk of the non-traditional format is Vine’s endless looping, allowing the listener to decide how long the record is and creating a different, customizable listening experience.

Using his L. Pierre pseudonym, Moffat offers suggestions on how to best listen to the album: in the Vine app, which has the best functionality for the smoothest audio looping and through headphones for the clearest sound.

Very much in line with L. Pierre’s album released earlier this year, The Island Come True — which also embraced repetition — his Vine album uses natural, ambient sounds from field recordings, soft instruments and other samples to soothe you into a looping lull (fittingly the name of the final track). The Vine visuals further hypnotize with fuzzy scenes of lava, leaves, crashing waves and a chameleon.

Here are all eight songs, some shorter than Vine’s six-second limit, though it’s worth taking the extra steps to open The Eternalist in the Vine app (search for username “LPierreMusic” for more seamless looping). The videos can also be found on L. Pierre’s Twitter and Tumblr.

Due to buggy coding, the Vine videos cannot be embedded in this post. Find them all on the original story here.


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