31 picks from ‘Time’ top 140 tweeters list

Published March 25, 2013 on USA TODAY College.

Time magazine published its annual roundup of the top Twitter feeds today, bestowing the honor of the most consistent 140 characters of “wit and wisdom” on, an appropriate, 140 accounts.

It’s a bit daunting to click through 140 slides (when did a “see all” view become passé?), so we picked a few of standout accounts from each of the 14 categories Time assigned.


1. @NonprofitOrgs exclusively follows non-profit organizations and staffers, so it caters to bring news and tips to the organizations while also sharing general non-profit news.

2. Longtime actress @MiaFarrow now focuses on her humanitarian work as a UNICEF Goodwill ambassador, tweeting news, quotes and commentary about Africa, LGBT and other issues.

Art and Photography

3. Not many people have figured Vine out, but @ManBartlett‘s got an interesting take on it. The “post-artist” can also be seen “asking for friend.”

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4. The @Guggenheim Museum doesn’t just use its Twitter feed to inform followers of exhibits and hours (though that is still very helpful), but likes to involves followers in chats with its curators and hold user-submission contests.

5. Julia “@juliaxgulia” Kaganskiy tweets about where the arts and tech world meet.

Business and Finance

6. Economist econonics correspondent @ryanavent will not only keep you up to date with the latest unemployment news, but his experience also offers worthwile insight.

7. Bewteen jobs as a CEO, professor and Reuters columnist, UK-based @lucymarcus makes time to tweet about the world marketplace and advancing women in the workplace, like herself.

8. Much like the website and publication, New York Magazine‘s @kevinroose strikes the right balance of quality information and clever snark.


9. Punk rock and Portlandia‘s Carrie Brownstein muses about feminism, society and the English language over at @Carrie_Rachel.

10. @LILBTHEBASEDGOD‘s Twitter bio says it all: “Mogul, First Rapper Ever To Write And Publish A Book at 19, Film Score, Composer, Producer,Director/Photo/Branding/Marketing/Historical Online Figure #BASED”

11. @questlove might just be the best musician on Twitter. The Roots drummer is always on his Twitter-game from industry insight to goofin’ with Jimmy Fallon.


12. Parody accounts are a bit tired, but @PrinceTweets2U undeniably, successfully captures the essence of The Artist Formerly Known As The Artist Formerly Known As Prince.

13. @meganamram is a writer for Parks and Recreation, which is all you really need to know.

Culture Critics

14. Linda Holmes, @nprmonkeysee, is editor of NPR’s pop culture blog Monkey See and especially enjoyable to follow during major entertainment events like awards shows and breaking news. And all the other times in between.

15. Retta is @unforRETTAble on Twitter and stars as the ever-fabulous Donna Meagle on Parks and Recreation. Follow her feed during your favorite TV show — she’ll surely have something great to say about it.

Fashion and Beauty

16. Tavi Gevinson, the 16-year-old editor-in-chief of Rookie Mag, tweets from @tavitulle and is actually that level of cool us regular gals only thought we were in high school.

17. Even if you can’t make it to @museumatFIT, the historic dress or accessory of the day feature will still leave you with vintage wardrobe-envy.


18. @pete_wells wrote that infamous Guy Fieri New York Times review and his avatar is beloved Muppets balcony heckler Statler — of course he makes the list.

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19. Mark @bittman is also a New York Times food writer and advocates healthier food options.

Healthy and Family

20. @HealthTap answers your health questions and offers tips from more than 35,000 physicians and “no waiting room.”

21. Outdoor clothing company @patagonia tweets photos and videos of atheles performing incredible feats, as if you didn’t already feel bad enough about staring at phone and laptop screens too much.


22. Jezebel.com founder @AnnaHolmes activitely engages her followers in conversations about feminism and sexism, especially in the media, with a relatable touch.

23. @PeterSokolowski is a lexicographer and editor-at-large at Merriam-Webster, and his Twitter feed is great for those of us who appreciate how words and grammar can be really funny sometimes.


24. Senior editor at The Atlantic Garance Franke-Ruta’s (@thegarance) sense of humor and news makes her feed valuable for important happenings, and the not-so-important-but-still-curious:

25. BuzzFeed’s Andrew Kaczynski doesn’t tweet strictly politics on @BuzzFeedAndrew — His bio notes: “I also like cats.”


26. @bengoldacre writes The Guardian‘s “Bad Science” column, which examines health and science myths, and is a self-proclaimed “nerd cheerleader.”

27. Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield is currently in space aboard the International Space Station and tweets photos from @Cmdr_Hadfield.


28. Gold-medal winning soccer goalie @hopesolo tweets about more than her training; she keeps fans up to date on her recent hand surgery, love of Thai food and family’s theatrical achievements.

29. Basketball player @blakegriffin32 boasts more than just his Clippers’ power foward postion — his Twitter bio reads, “I Sold 2 Chainz his second chain,” so he wins.


30. @emilybell is director of Tow Centre for Digital Journalism at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. Student journalists, you need to follow her yesterday.

31. Techmeme’s @gaberivera‘s feed is especially valuable for rising tech journalists.


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