Healthcare Succeeds Now, But What About Future for Dems?

Written for my COMM200 class (Spring Semester 2010) in April 2010 for a group project on blogging with a bias. My group’s blog intentionally has left lean, and was graded according to correctly writing with a liberal slant. Original here.

A new Washington Post poll released this week shows that 50 percent of people who responded do not support the healthcare bill, and only 46 percent support support the changes.

This divide in support leaves the future unclear for Democrats in Congress and the security of their seats.

The consensus appears to be that new Democrat seats in the South are the ones most in jeopardy, but traditionally Democrat seats are safe since their voters are more set in support. Right now it might seem that a dramatic shift against Democrats will occur, but this is only caused by healthcare being such a recent issue, and the most opposed are often the most vocal, making them appear like a larger presence.

Check out NPR’s take on this issue, featuring two professors from Emory University.


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