“Flip Flop Five” Ad Targets Florida

Written for my COMM200 class (Spring Semester 2010) in April 2010 for a group project on blogging with a bias. My group’s blog intentionally has left lean, and was graded according to correctly writing with a liberal slant. Original here.

The National Republican Congressional Committee began airing ads on Tuesday aimed at the “Flip Flop Five.”

These “Five” refer to the Democrats who changed, or as Republicans are call it, “flip flopped” their votes on the healthcare legislation, first voting against the House bill in the fall, but then supporting the final health care legislation in March. Florida representative Suzanne M. Kosmas is the target of this ad, and other Florida representative Allen Boyd is surely up next to be criticized.

The ad features less than clever lines like “That’s a big flip, she’s a big flop,” and the image of dull gray flip flops worn by a person with yellow, broken nails on veiny feet to personify Kosmas.

This ad not only attacks the representatives, but it also is obvious in it’s opposition of the recently passed healthcare legislation. The National Republican Congressional Committee is using the already notorious phrase “flip flop” from the 2004 presidential race to discourage people from supporting the healthcare bill and encouraging them to not support the current Democrats in Congress who changed their stance on the legislation.

The ad is set to run in the coming days on cable networks in the concerning districts, and ads for the other four “flip flopping” representatives will run next.


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