Where the Hipsters Are: Sendak’s children’s book becomes the next indie trend

Written for my COMM100 class (Fall semester 2009) in October 2009, as part of a blog entry assignment.

With cool director Spike Jonze, artsy composer Karen O, an eclectic and notable cast, and a classic children’s story, it is no surprise that Where the Wild Things Are has been such a success on the mass market, as well as on the hipster scene.

To include the driving, majestic “Wake Up” by indie kings Arcade Fire in the highly anticipated trailer was a smart choice on the production team’s part in trying to grab the attention of the ever-fickle group that’s quick to brush off anything too “mainstream.” Much to the dismay of the indie rock lovers, the song was not featured in the film, despite the band specially re-recording the song (originally released on their 2004 album Funeral) for the trailer.

Yet more about this preciously quirky film appealed to hipsters, from the appropriate childlike scrawl featured in the trailer and film, to the memories of grammar school days when the now shrunken sweater wearing children first discovered the adventurous picture book by Maurice Sendak.

Since the “Kanyegate” internet spamming joke has faded, promotion and Wild Things related posts have circulated around popular social sites such as Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook which hipsters often flock to to showcase just how in the scene they actually are. “Happiness isn’t always the best way to be happy,” and “I’ll eat you up I love you so,” the endearing dialogue is only one of the blog-able aspects of to the movie to contribute to the number of whimsical Wild Things tweets.

And with that said, “Let the wild rumpus start!”


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