Published April 25, 2017 on New York magazine’s the Cut. 

Breasts come in plenty of shapes and sizes, but there are certain challenges that come with being larger than a 34B. Don’t condemn yourself to ugly, schlumpy bras — the Cut is devoting this week to finding sexy, supportive styles for big boobs.

Coachella kicks off what anyone who gets too many promotional shopping emails knows as “festival fashion” season. For a certain subset, that means flower crowns, layered chokers, and cutoff jorts — all taken to the extreme, though not everyone buys into hyperboho clichés. Somewhere in the middle lies the bralette trend. They’re desert-heat friendly without being plain. Plus they allow you to layer while being as subtle or as revealing as you want to be. But for large-chested women, these lacy bits are something we look at longingly while muttering “must be nice.” A life free of underwire and an endless supply of chicdelicate, and ultimately flimsy bralettes is probably not in the cards — especially since most only accommodate a C cup at best.

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The Women’s Strike on International Women’s Day posed another challenge to the Cut. After much discussion and deliberation, the team decided to go red in honor of the day and stopped publishing. We also changed all of our social banners to a bold red “STRIKE” graphic and halted all social posts, save for one explaining our process and position.


The next day, staffers shared our reactions to the Women’s Strike: Thoughts on the International Women’s Strike and What It Meant.

January 21, 2017 was a revolutionary day, and the Cut strove to cover it with the importance the day deserved. While some staffers were on the ground reporting, several of us were in the office making sure the site covered all the highlights and then some.

In addition to finding information on social media and sharing our stories across all the relevant New York magazine social accounts, I stepped in with writing, editing, photo research, and copy-editing.

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Every month, the Cut asks staff to write about a book they are currently reading, and I used this opportunity to crack open selections a bit out of the ordinary. (After all, we couldn’t publish a list recommending The Handmaid’s Tale and Americanah every month.) Here’s what I read (that wasn’t already recommended in previous Cut Book Clubs):

Bonus TV Club: New Girl

One of the most fun parts of working on Team Cut was when group Slack conversations and recurring topics morphed into posts. Here are a few highlights of jokes, gags, and more gone publishable:

When Twitter announced that it was shutting down Vine, the team at New York magazine’s Select All wrote about their favorite vines. Read the full post with mine and others’ contributions, published Oct. 27, 2016.

We all know that the sound of one rubber duck toy honking is annoying. But who knew that the sound of a whole bin is (1) more like pained moaning, and (2) completely horrifying? What really gets me is the wide-eyed frozen expressions painted on the ducks’ faces, as if they’re trying to get somebody, anybody, to help free them from this miserable, loud, rubbery existence. I wonder how long it took for this hideous flock’s moans to die out after the Viner slinked away. Pour one out for all the toy-store employees who had to deal with teens re-creating this nightmare.